Hurricane Florence Home Restoration

At Pride Cleaning & Restoration we have 32 years of experience in restoration. We have brought that experience to Wilmington, North Carolina to help those affected by Hurricane Florence.

One of the problems we have found is homeowners and contractors were taking contents from the home that have suffered water damage, and putting them into storage pods. These items had microbial growth, also known as mold. What we were finding was these pods were being left unlocked and unsecured.

The items in these pods were being tossed in, no care given to how they were being stacked. Some of these contents were wood furniture. The wood would scratch other wood furniture as it was stacked on top of each other. For example, we found one pod that had a wooden chair that was scratched on the underside. Where it was scratched, mold was beginning to grow.

What do you think will begin to happen when you take cold nights and warm days? Condensation will increase the mold growing on the items inside the pods. This growth will lead to mold growing onto other items inside the pod. Most of the furniture inside these pods that we looked at had mold damage. All this damage happens because the house contents weren’t handled properly.

The solution? Pride Cleaning & Restoration.

We are able to help you go through your house’s content and find damage to furniture and items. If it was damaged from storm or water damaged we will put the items on a total loss inventory and give the list to the insurance company. If items need to be cleaned and can be salvaged, we can take those items and give the insurance company the price so items can be cleaned and restored.

Any items we are cleaning and storing will be properly cleaned and stored. We will inventory items with pictures and labels so these items are being taken care of. Going to a restoration company when damage hits your home is the right step. Pride is able to help you avoid further costs of damage and loss to your home and its contents.

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