Need Help With Restoration Remodeling After A Disaster?

Pride Restoration of NC is a full service disaster & restoration remodeling company.

Our Restoration Remodeling Process

Whether you need remodeling following a disaster or simply want to update an area of your home or business, Pride Restoration if NC can help. With over 30 years of experience, our specialists are ready to take your remodeling projects from beginning to end, all while remaining within budget and on schedule. When you request restoration remodeling or home rebuilding services from Pride, we start by providing you with a project planner specifically for your remodeling project who can work closely with you or your business. 

If you are remodeling after a fire or storm caused damage to your property, then we use the following process:

  1. We collect photos of your home or business before the damage occured and work with you to design the blueprints for what your new layout will look like.
  2. If you are in need of restoration remodeling, we board up your property’s windows and roof to prevent theft or further damage.
  3. We provide controlled demolitions to prevent damage to other areas or tear down areas for remodeling.
  4. We will help you work with your insurance provider throughout the whole process to ensure everything is documented for their records.

Business & Home Rebuilding

After a fire or storm emergency, it can be overwhelming to deal with rebuilding and insurance along with feelings of trauma and loss. At Pride Restoration of NC we make it easy to cleanup, remodel, and handle your insurance claims. That’s right- we do it all. There’s no need to add more stress to your situation. Make one call to Pride, and we’ll handle the rest.

For restoration remodeling or other building solutions, Pride Restoration of NC is the top choice. As industry specialists, we have years of experience and a history of delivering outstanding work. Whether you’re in need of home rebuilding or commercial remodeling, we’ve got you covered. We’re there to work together with you from beginning to end with an end product you’ll be more than proud of.

Reliable Restoration Remodeling

We have over 30 years of experience remodeling homes and businesses in the Wilmington area. With thousands of satisfied customers, we can ensure that choosing Pride is the best decision for your remodel.

When disaster strikes, cleanup and remodel costs increase significantly the longer it is left untreated. If you have a fire, hurricane, or storm emergency, call Pride Restoration of NC ASAP for cleanup and remodeling! We work with you throughout the entire process so you never have to worry.

Call Pride Restoration of NC at (910) 302-3155!

Trusted Restoration Remodeling Wilmington, NC Pride Restoration of NC services Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Restoration Services In Wilmington NC Region

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Restoration Remodeling FAQs

I have damage that requires restoration remodeling, what should I do?

The first thing you should do is call Pride Restoration of NC at (910) 302-3155. We will gather information about the damage and inspect the area before contacting your insurance company.

How much does restoration remodeling cost?

Costs vary depending on the level of damage and how large of an area is affected. Pride Restoration of NC works with your insurance company to determine if your policy covers the property damage remodeling and makes sure you are paying a fair price. 

Do you only offer restoration remodeling?

Not at all! We offer:

  • Reconstruction
  • Ground up builds
  • Restoration construction
  • Home rebuilding
  • Business rebuilding
What does your remodeling process look like?

We start by assigning you a project planner, boarding up your property, executing controlled demolitions, and working with your insurance provider. Once these are completed, we will begin remodeling.

Is it safe to stay on my property during remodeling?

As soon as the damage occurs, we recommend staying out of the building or a safe distance from the property until help arrives. It is always important to have the damage inspected by a professional before returning inside. Call Pride Restoration of NC to take a look at the damage and we will advise you whether or not it is safe to stay in your home or business while repairs are being made.

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Fill Out The Form Below To Contact

Pride Restoration Of NC

or Call (910) 302-3155

Fill Out The Form Below To Contact

Pride Restoration Of NC

or Call (910) 302-3155